what is art therapy?

And do I have to be an artist?

Art Therapy is a healing modality that involves art making, creativity, and counseling with the support of a credentialed Art Therapist, with the goal of overall improved quality of life.  

A lot people may be intimidated by the idea of Art Therapy, and Zandi wants you to know: 

  • You do not have to be an artist! No experience, “skill”, or “talent” in art is required for Art Therapy (promise!)
  • Art Therapy uses art-making and creativity in counseling for emotional processing and problem-solving, and it is NOT about making "good", "pretty", or "realistic" art
  • There is no wrong way to make art in Art Therapy (stick figures work just as well as more detailed images)
  • Online Art Therapy requires very minimal supplies; at the very least paper, a pencil, and a laptop camera that can be angled toward your table 
  • Just about anyone can benefit from Art Therapy




What do I need for online Art Therapy & Counseling?

 Online Art Therapy & Counseling requires:

  • An internet connection that can support video conferencing
  • A work surface, such as a desk or dining table
  • A laptop that has a camera that can be angled toward your work surface
  • Art supplies of your choice! The minimum would be paper and a pencil, and you are welcome to use anything else that is calling to you. 
  • Privacy- you must be able have a private & confidential space where you will not be interrupted during sessions


Who is eligible for online Art Therapy & Counseling?

Most women in WA are eligible for online Art Therapy & Counseling through SEAT!

However, it is every therapist's legal obligation to assess whether online services are an appropriate fit for clients. 

Online Art Therapy & Counseling is NOT for clients who are:

  • actively suicidal
  • psychotic
  • deemed a threat to themselves or others
  • in a variety of other "high risk" situations

All SEAT clients are assessed for appropriateness for treatment, and have the potential to be referred out to another provider that may be better suited for the client’s needs.  

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